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Advanced Technique - Cable Rear Delt Fly Partial Reps

Whitetail season is over and it's back to the gym, always training. Here I'm using an advanced technique with the Cable Rear Delt Fly to be able to smoothly power through a new draw cycle. My back and shoulder need a little more work in final third of my draw. The technique is valid whether you shoot compound or recurve.

Cable Rear Delt Fly - Shoulder health and fitness

The goto exercise for all archers, the Cable Rear Delt Fly is the drawing motion. Release and finger shooters alike will benefit.

Seated Cable Rear Delt Fly

Shooting while sitting is tough for most bowhunters. Strength training with the Seated Cable Rear Delt Fly will make it easy for you to limit that movement in the stand.

Dumbbell Row

No cable machine? No problem. You can still hit those muscles with a dumbbell or kettlebell with the Dumbbell Row and variations.

Wrapping On Cable Machine

Wrap directly to the cable machine carabiner. Account for brace height or go for the full range of motion.

PowerDraw with OPtional Carabiner

You don't have to use one with the cable machine, but for convenience a climbing rated carabiner is a great addition.

Wrapping a Dumbbell

Wrapping a dumbbell for lifting is easy to master. Finish by rolling into it.