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Randy Koster

Wilderness Hunting Lodge Jan 2017

“If it runs, flies, or swims, eat it.” -Randy


Randy Koster is inventor of the patent pending PowerDraw training aid and archery addict. A relative newcomer to archery, he dove headfirst into bowhunting at an age when many people are leaving the sport. When he’s not developing outdoor products, he’s a software engineer, health and fitness coach, bow technician, and volunteer firefighter/EMT.  Calling himself a “former diabetic”, Randy credits embracing the hunting and outdoor lifestyle with helping him beat diabetes.

Bud Lance

Bud Lance

Bud Lance is an instructor at Muddy Bayou Archery for 4-H Shooting Sports for Sumner County, TN. As part of Muddy Bayou Archery, he specializes in building archery gear and customization of bows. He is also an instructor for NASP and JOAD. Bud has spent a lifetime hunting in Tennessee, and enjoys bowfishing during the summer months and target shooting.

Samantha Shepard Lance

Samantha Lance

Samantha Lance is an archery instructor for 4-H Shooting Sports for Sumner County, TN. She is with Muddy Bayou Archery, teaching archery to all age groups and developing training courses for NASP and JOAD. She is also currently a managing editor and blogger for Western Whitetail Magazine. Samantha enjoys whitetail and turkey hunting during the spring and fall, and bowfishing during the summer months. Samantha also enjoys competitive target shooting.

Sharon K Trame


Sharon Trame is a full time mother and successful competitive archer. Sharon started shooting a bow in 2007 and hasn't looked back. She has a BAA world record shortnose gar and several state records in bowfishing. Sharon has several species of deer and numerous wild hog under her belt.  Sharon took up target archery in 2015 and is enjoying that also. She is a member of the National Field Archery Association and the Illinois Archery Association and a 2018 Illinois Senior Olympics Archery Gold Medalist.

What's Coming

Bow Hero bow sling

New product on the horizon with field testing underway here in the backcountry of America and the bush of Africa. Here's a glimpse of what it will let hunters do. hands!



Q) What is that? (looking at a set of PowerDraws)

A) PowerDraw is a sport specific lifting strap, performance enhancing gear that's let's you lift heavier and longer, while focusing on the muscles used for drawing a bow. When other archers see me training with it at the gym there's never a question. "I get it!" is a frequent response when they see it in action.